Express Assessment at Orange Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Express Assessment

What is Express Assessment?

Express Assessment is a commitment to provide a preliminary diagnosis and communication to the customer within two hours of repair order creation. Express Assessment is a process, not a program. It is intended to become part of the way a service department performs its day-to-day work.

Within 2 hours of service write-up, Orange Mercedes-Benz Trucks will:

  • Communicate single service issue diagnosis
  • Check part availability
  • Provide an estimate of cost and repair time

Why Express Assessment?

Express Assessment began as a response to customer needs, particularly those with emergency repairs and unscheduled service. Our customers were complaining because their trucks would get stuck in service departments for days on end with no updates on repairs needed or costs associated.

Our customers could not make good decisions on whether to wait for the vehicles, more a load to another truck, or get a hotel room because the service department would not commit to a time “someone can take a look at the vehicle.”

This lack of customer-focused service departments lead to a decline in business. Drivers were making their own diagnosis in order to keep moving, technicians were often making best guesses” in order to get a job done faster, and quality inspections were skipped.

How does Express Assessment provide value to the customers?

An Express Assessment dealer like Orange Mercedes-Benz Trucks provides you with the information you need to run your business – and fast.

  • Diagnostic Value: Verifying and effectively diagnosing every complaint offers a solid foundation upon which to assign and perform service work, establish prices and obtain parts.  
  • Customer Satisfaction Value: Providing timely feedback to customers allows them to make a better decision about repair and repower options.
  • Timeliness Value: Spending no more than two hour performing the initial diagnosis permits customers to make a decision before running up a big repair bill or experiencing unnecessary downtime.
  • Servicing Efficiency Value: Make the best use of Technician time allows more repair orders to flow through the service department. 

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