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The Econic is renowned for being a Special Purpose Truck specialising in waste removal, fire and rescue, distribution and airport service. The ultra-low floor and high roof makes access in and out of the cabin quick and easy.

Mercedes-Benz Econic Features

The Econic offers a solution for just about any transport requirement in the fields of municipal, collection and distribution services. The excellent ergonomics and efficiency of the Econic make it the convincing choice on every count.

Features 1

Cost-effectiveness and Environmental Compatibility

  • Economical BlueTec engines
  • Environment-friendly natural-gas engine
  • CO2-neutral when running on biogas
  • Fuel-saving automatic transmission
  • Low-wear brake system
  • High-stability suspension
Features 1


  • Panoramic cab windows
  • Mirror array extends field of vision
  • Inward-opening co-driver door
  • Cab complies with ECE R29/2 crash safety requirements
Features 2


The Econic offers a central axle-load measuring system to provide a continuous indication of the current load status and the gross weight of the individual axles. 

Features 2


The Econic offers a height adjustable steering wheel, Air-sprung seat for the driver and individual crew seats for an outstanding level of ergonomic workplace comfort.

Features 3


In addition to the two DIN slots in the dash there are an additional four slots in the header shelf, providing plenty of space for a CD Radio, Digital Tachograph, FleetBoard® unit and more.

Features 3

Low entry

Making entry and exit a breeze, and preventing fatigue and accidents, the low entry cab of the Econic makes intensive refuse collection safer and more efficient.

Model Information

The Econic in the Public Service Sector

The Mercedes-Benz Econic is equipped as standard with everything needed for intensive disposal work: Including a step for quick and safe entry/exit, a level floor for through-cab access, large windows for excellent visibility and a generously proportioned cab with room for up to four occupants. 

The Econic in the Fire and Rescue Sector

From rescue operations to fire-fighting, salvage work and protective measures: The Mercedes-Benz Econic is prepared for every eventuality. If you are operating a rescue vehicle with hydraulic platform, a turntable ladder, a fire-fighting tank vehicle or emergency response fire-fighting vehicle, the Econic is a compelling proposition. It boasts a low overall height; safe, spacious, crash-tested cabs; high-torque engines; and outstanding manoeuvrability. In emergency situations, there is only one course of action: The Econic takes you where you want to go – quickly, reliably and safely.

The Econic in Airport Service

Thanks to its low-floor concept the Econic is tailor-made for applications in airport operations: the entry into the cab is low and comfortable. The generously proportioned panoramic windows and the low instrument support provide outstanding visibility and allow for manoeuvrability down to the millimetre around the plane.

Whether it's operating as a catering vehicle or re-fuelling truck, the Econic with low-roof cab is ideally suited to applications with a large number of aircraft sizes. All aircraft types – from the small MD80 to the large Airbus A320 – can be catered for without any difficulty. 

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