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The Mercedes-Benz Arocs.

A force in construction.

Construction Industry Vehicles.

The Arocs combines power, robustness and efficiency in a unique way, impressively continuing the tradition of Mercedes-Benzconstruction-industry vehicles, which stretches back over more than 110 years.

What’s more: it transports it into the future with innovative, future-oriented technology. And it demonstrates in every application where it comes from and what it was developed for.

A force for your company.

A force for your company. In the Arocs the drive system, frame, chassis and suspension work in perfect harmony.

The Arocs can powerfully master every driving situation. Because we have equipped it with robust and high-torque Euro VI engines, the enhanced, standard-fit Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission and a unique suspension and frame design, all as standard. All the components of the drive system are produced exclusively at Mercedes-Benz and are designed for the special requirements in construction transport. The intelligent control of the drive components, the high torque of the engines plus the extremely short shift times of Mercedes PowerShift 3 ensure that there is more power available than was previously the case. For the best possible traction and good steerability the drive system, chassis, suspension and frame form a precisely coordinated working team which is optimally configured in all Arocs vehicles for the particular application in question on the road, on the construction site or in extreme terrain.

Hard shell, hard core. Robustness redefined.

Hard shell, hard core. Robustness redefined. High ground clearance and off-road capability.

Whether it’s a semitrailer tractor, rigid vehicle, concrete mixer or heavy-duty dump truck – the on-road and all-wheel drive variants of the Arocs offer an optimum, particularly robust and resilient vehicle for every challenge in construction transport. All the robustness and loadability of the Arocs is already reflected in the cabs. In the durable cab bodyshell – which is comprised 100 percent of fully galvanised sheet metal panels – and to an equal extent in the athletic, powerful design. But the completely solid, high-loadability vehicle design also comes into its own where its robustness is not visible at first glance. With chassis and suspension components optimised for construction transport and two differently configured, highly stable frames the Arocs always cuts a fine figure even in difficult conditions

Co-responsible for this: the drive system designed for high loads with the standard-fit Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission – all the components are optimally matched and characterised by excellent reliability.

Drive more efficiently, build more efficiently.

Drive more efficiently, build more efficiently. The striking, aerodynamically optimised design of the Arocs supports low consumption.

With the Arocs, construction transport becomes more efficient than ever before. Because it saves where decisive moves can be made: where consumption is concerned. A fundamental factor here is the Mercedes PowerShift 3, which is used as standard in the Arocs. But the high efficiency of the Arocs starts much earlier than that. With its high-torque Euro VI engines, which not only consume tangibly less fuel – but also live considerably longer. Over and above this the driver support in the form of the standard-specification FleetBoard EcoSupport and the optionally available FleetBoard driving analysis help to save fuel. For low overall costs we have also equipped the Arocs with long, load-dependent maintenance intervals and a repair- and maintenance-friendly design. The increased operating life of many of the components and not least the exemplary ease of body mounting also enhance the economy of the Arocs.

Top workers for top jobs.

Top workers for top jobs. Sector-specific product groups: Arocs Grounder and Arocs Loader.

For a particularly high payload and for extreme loads. With the Arocs Loader and the Arocs Grounder we can now place at your disposal construction specialists which excel themselves where it matters: on the construction site. And in the accounts department. In the case of the Arocs Loader all the available options regarding saving the vehicle’s unladen weight were checked and – wherever it made technical sense – implemented in a targeted manner.

The Arocs Grounder is designed for extreme applications in harsh conditions. In other words: through a multitude of technical measures it is even more robust and offers particularly high stability and loadability.

Construction industry vehicles. 18-41 tonnes gcw.