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The new Arocs combines power, robustness and efficiency in a unique way, impressively continuing the tradition of Mercedes-Benz construction-industry vehicles, which stretches back over more than 110 years.

Mercedes-Benz 8x4 Arocs Rigid Range Features

The Mercedes-Benz 8x4 Arocs Rigid range impresses not only with a comfortable driver workplace, but also with precisely coordinated, job-matched vehicle configurations, impressive fuel savings compared with its predecessor, efficient technology and attractive service offers which increases the overall effectiveness further still.

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Operators who earn their money in road-bound goods transport need reliability. In other words: trucks they can count on. With the 8x4 Arocs Rigid range we are able to offer you a vehicle incorporating the rich fund of experi ence and expertise acquired over more than 100 years of German engineering. Equipped with leading Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology and components tested under the toughest conditions. This applies to engines, gearshifts, transmissions and drive axles as well as frames, chassis, suspension and cabs. Everything is perfectly co ordinated, in order to meet all requirements reliably, even in extreme conditions.


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Mercedes-Benz trucks stand for particularly high economic efficiency worldwide. The 8x4 Arocs Rigid range also meets the highest standards of efficiency, based first and foremost on its particularly low fuel con sumption. Low wear and a higher resale value are addi tional merits contributing to its high overall economic efficiency. Numerous innovative technical measures were implemented in the course of developing these vehicles, resulting in higher performance engines with lower fuel consumption, a powertrain which enables a particularly economical driving style, and an aerodynamic design honed down to the finest details in the interest of fuel efficiency.

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Industrial transportation has its very own set of rules. This is why we have created the 8x4 Arocs Rigid range, for transportation up to 32 t, to ensure that you are ideally placed to meet the challenges facing this sector. The 8x4 Arocs Rigid range cuts a fine figure in the building materials industry, refuse collection and general freight distribution.

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The economical Euro VI engines are available in two displacement classes 7.7 l and 10.7 l with a total of 5 power outputs 280kW (354 hp) to 355 kW (455 hp). In conjunction with the precisely tuned power-train configurations and the sophisticated aerodynamics, the Euro VI Mercedes-Benz engine achieves fuel savings compared with predecessor models.

Equipment Hero

Equipment Highlights.


Mercedes PowerShift 3 provides fast shifting from forward to reverse and high-ratio reverse gears for easy manoeuvring. Moving off is noticeably more comfortable thanks to the crawl function. 

Rear axle guide.

The innovative rear axle guide also plays a decisive role in the excellent handling: compared with a conventional wishbone, the connection points of the two trailing arms are positioned further towards the outside. This results in the best possible transverse stability, little need for corrective steering and very good understeer/oversteer characteristics.

Tank capacity.

The 8x4 Arocs Rigid range can be equipped with a tank capacity of up to 390 litres. This makes for a long operating range and saves money by avoiding the need to retrofit add-on tanks.

Suspension components. 

All the suspension elements in the Arocs 8x4 Rigid range are precisely tuned to one another: from the seats to the cab mountings to the 8-bellow air suspension at the rear axle – the overall result is a high degree of suspension comfort for the workplace and a ride which helps protect both the vehicle and its cargo.


The frame of the Arocs 8x4 Rigid range is uncompromisingly geared to use in distribution and refuse transport. The 834 mm wide track and the stable, assured design ensure good roadholding and comfortable handling. Other advantages include the 50 mm matrix of pre-drilled holes throughout as well as a large range of wheelbases, frame overhangs and end cross members.

Advantages at a glance.

Drive Train:

  • Mercedes-Benz OM 936 7.7 litre engine and OM 470 10.7 litre engine
  • Fully automated 8 and 12 speed Mercedes-Benz PowerShift 3 transmission
  • Fuel efficient single reduction axles
  • Electronic Braking System incorporating ABS, Hill Hold Assist and Traction Control


  • Mid cabs for day to day operation
  • Sleeper cabs for a longer distance application
  • Double zinc coated and cathodic dip priming for optimal corrosion protection
  • Ergonomic cabs designed with the drivers needs in mind
  • Aerodynamically tested and designed for optimal efficiency on the road

Value Add Services:*

  • 4 year, 800,000 km driveline warranty
  • 2 year, unlimited km bumper to bumper warranty
  • 5 year, 500,000km complimentary BestBasic Service Plan~


~ BestBasic service offer subject to change. Contact Orange Mercedes Benz Trucks for further information.

* Value Add Services subject to vehicle’s application. Waste and off-road applications subject to different terms.

Overseas model shown in some images. Please contact Orange Mercedes Benz Trucks for more information.

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